Many times it is better to study on your own at the library or in a secluded place that is quiet and free from distractions. Getting a study group together or joining one can also be extremely beneficial to learning. When you get together, you take turns discussing what you have read. While you are talking you verbalize what you have learned that you might not have realized you learned until it comes out of your mouth in a group discussion.

While you are listening to others in the group share what they got from studying; you get another perspective that also gets you thinking. Your brain is taking in more information from listening to other people’s thoughts. Insight from other people also makes you attempt to pay attention to your studies in a way you would not have thought of without getting feedback from your study group.

A study group motivates you to get to a certain page and evaluate what you have studied. The study group might be the push you need to get to a certain page or goal with in a certain time frame. One of the reasons for study groups is to reach goals and bounce learned ideas off of each other.

What one person can’t understand or get through, another person can. You start to help each other understand more of the material you are covering. Plus, each person is going to bring something different to the group. Some people are creative; some are thoughtful or very brainy. Each person will bring a different perspective to the studying in a study group during a discussion.

If you find someone in your group that is in one of your classes there is potential that you can exchange notes with them if one of you happens to miss a class. That way you don’t miss out on anything even if you were not there that day or during that particular class.

Since you have a mutual goal with the others in your team study group, you have the potential to form friendships with the others that also care about getting good grades. That is an obvious social benefit of joining a team study group. This creates two good reasons for joining a study group.

Being in a study group makes studying for any class more fun in most situations. It depends on the individual. If a study group is for you, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the social interaction while learning at the same time. The study group will help move along in your studies so you don’t stagnate. While sharing your thoughts the information you soak up makes more sense and makes it so you can learn a lot more.

A good study group has someone who is organized enough to have a mostly set time to have the study group. The group agrees on how many is a good amount for a study group, what is going to be studied, what to bring and not bring, where to have the study group, and similar goals to achieve while studying.

The benefits of learning in a team