You have the best intentions of studying to learn a lot and get the good grades you deserve. What you need to figure out is how to keep the distractions from slowing you down. This is quite possible it just takes a bit of effort.

If you have a roommate in your college dorm who is not much of a studier, ask to have the room to yourself for 30 minutes or so at a time every day. Explain that you need the quiet time to study. Hopefully your roommate will be understanding and accommodating. If they’re not able to leave for a short time, ask them to keep the noise down low enough that you are able to focus.

Create an environment that helps you to study. Maybe that is candles or soft classical music playing in the background. The environment that works best for you is something you have to figure out and learn about yourself. Most people don’t study very well in a loud room with college age kids partying around them.

Do not feel bad about wanting to set up an environment that makes studying more efficient for you. You are being responsible and grown up to look out for yourself and what environment it takes to get your mind learning at its best. Set up the environment as long as it doesn’t overly infringe on someone else.

Put your cell phone on vibrate or silent and temporarily ignore any texts or calls. In fact consider warning your friends that at a certain time during the day you won’t be reachable – unless it’s an emergency – so that you can study. They should be understanding to you trying to dedicate some time to studying, and even respect you more for it.

Put your ipod and any other distracting music away so you don’t start dancing instead of studying. Make listening to your music later a possible reward. No listening to music on your television or laptop either.

Find a spot where you are comfortable, but very alert. If you are leaning against a pillow on your bed you could get too relaxed and eventually fall asleep. That is not going to help you study or get homework done. Sit in a chair that gives good back support and helps you to have all your study materials with in arms length.

If a light snack is helpful to your studying, have a banana, apple, granola bar or something that is healthy to snack on. Popcorn is not the best idea unless it is not very buttery. Otherwise you’ll get the butter all over your books and papers. Having a non-messy snack will help you to focus and study well.

Set up a space in your room or dorm that is specifically geared to studying. A desk is a good start. The desk could double as another piece of furniture. Have a good desk lamp with lots of lighting so you can easily see your work without putting strain on your eyes. Organize the space around your desk to what ever works best for you. Start with your hardest or easiest subject – what ever will help you to get your things steadily moving along.

How to avoid getting distracted