The thought of college may seem overwhelmingly expensive if you don’t have the resources to pay for it. Tuition doesn’t have to be too overwhelming. If you haven’t thought of applying for a student loan maybe you should. There are many kinds of student loans and the interest rates stay pretty low as long as you stay enrolled in school.

Look into what kind of student loans are available. If you have a little bit of college money saved up that is even more in your favor. You may qualify for a government loan if haven’t been convicted of a crime, you can prove that you need help financially with a loan; you know you’ll maintain your grades. There are a few other requirements, but that is one of many loans you may qualify for.

Private loans are available for students who don’t qualify for a government loan. You need to have a social security number, a diploma or be prepared to take a test proving that you have the ability to get more of an education if given the opportunity (if you only have a GED). You need to find out if the loan you are applying for requires you to be a citizen of the country it’s located in.

Look up information about getting loans at the specific school you are looking into. Different loans may have different requirements to get the loan. Be prepared to have some personal documents. Your tax return is one, your driver’s license, any of your spouse’s tax information if it is separate. These are at least some of the requirement to apply for a FAFSA loan. There should be similar requirements for other loans.

For some loans you need a co-signer such as when you go through a bank for a student loan. You can also look online for student loans, but you have to be careful. You’ll see a company with a website that looks like it is reputable that handles student loans and is actually a scam. It is easy for potential college students (or anyone) to fall into a college loan scam, so be forewarned.

Talk with the student aid counselor at the school you are interested in. He or she will have suggestions and ideas or possible referrals if your grades are impressive on getting a loan. A counselor can walk you though some of the steps you need to take to get a student loan.

Your other option to look at before you consider applying for a loan is to look into a grant. Do you have fantastic grades? Are your academic achievements above average and impressive enough that you have the potential for a scholarship? Don’t knock that possibility. Even a partial scholarship goes a long way to pay for college tuition.

When you get a loan you do have to pay it back after college. If you qualify for a grant, you don’t have to pay back any of the money. Get a list of questions and talk to a student aid counselor. See how they can help you to get a loan all together or add onto a partial scholarship.