Are your serious about learning and knowing how to achieve your goals?

Are you:

    • struggling from a lack of motivation?
    • discouraged because you have no goals and ambitions?
    • disheartened because of your previous mistakes?

Do you even listen to Good Advice?

Here’s a unique solution. Why not read about great advice from successful people?

Sometimes we won’t listen to the people closest to us. Unfortunately, this can lead to devastating consequences in our lives.

The more people want to help us, the more we seem to resist. It’s an age-old problem that’s really quite common.

If you watch yourself  closely, you’ll see you listen to two groups of people:

  • your friends
  • famous or respected adults

We suggest reading and finding books filled with great advice from successful people such as:

  • Legendary Basketball Hall of Fame Coach John Wooden,
  • NFL Hall of Fame Coach and NASCAR Owner Joe Gibbs,
  • Church Founder and Pastor Dr. Frederick K. C. Price,
  • Grammy Award-Winning Music Producer Pharrell Williams,
  • Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Speaker Dr. Fran Harris,
  • Billion Dollar Grossing Hollywood Movie Producer Warren Zide,
  • Two-Time College Football National Coach of the Year Urban Meyer,
  • Million Selling Author Cindy Cashman,
  • Political Analyst Dr. Larry Sabato,
  • Two-Time NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner,
  • Former Prisoner of War Captain Gerald Coffee,
  • and many others.