Heading to college is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Deciding on a college means finding out what courses each college offers and what you are curious about taking. Decide if you want to start off going for two or four years. What degree are you after? Do you want to get your Associate’s Degree or your Master’s?

There is a choice between private and public colleges. The amount of students enrolled varies between a private or public college. Generally, a private college costs more to attend than a public college. Public colleges get funding from the state and from private resources – so tuition winds up being less.

It’s important to match your goals for schooling with the college you are considering attending. If you are into technology, look into a college that offers lots upon lots of computer courses, and subjects related to learning about future technology. For law school, look into a college that offers course on subjects relating to being a lawyer. Look up what the requirements are to get degrees for those careers.

Look into how large the campus is, what it has to offer. What are you looking for in a college? Do you want to stay close to home or do you want to move far away to college. Where is the college located? Are you looking into a college near lots of restaurants with difference kinds of food to eat? Is it important that artsy places are nearby or are you looking for something with a bit of a night life to it?

You want to have time to be social, but you don’t want to get into the social atmosphere of drinking and not getting anywhere with your academics. Finding a balance between having fun and doing your studies makes a difference in finding the right college for you.

Are you the one paying for your tuition or are you getting a lot of help from your parents? If your parents are helping you a lot, they may want a big say in where you go to college too. So bear in mind if you need to work out your college plan with your parents. Keep the cost of everything in mind.

If you move to an expensive city like New York to go to college, the cost is going to be very expensive. That is another thing to keep in mind no matter where you go. The expense could be higher than where you live.

Maybe you are interested in going to a college where there is a diverse group of students and faculty. Find out how welcoming students and faculty are to different ethnic backgrounds. How safe is the campus? Look into the security on campus. Is it well-lit? Even if you go to college near home these are some things to look into.

It may be important to you to look into the crime rate at any college you are considering. There is going to be a small amount of crime anywhere, but make sure there is not excessive crime. Some colleges have security of some kind on campus.