Online learning is popular when it comes to getting an education or even part of one. You have access to instructors, a forum to communicate with instructors and other students who choose to participate and you decide what time you can study. You are in charge of studying and completing the course in a timely matter; it’s all in your schedule. Online learning is great for people working full time or parents that want to further their education but already have a full schedule.

There is tons of flexibility with distant learning. When your schedule allows, you take the time to study. You don’t have a teacher jumping on you expecting an assignment to be turned in on a deadline. Completing the course is in your hands so you can go as fast or slow as your ability allows. That means you have the choice to complete the course more quickly.

Online learning is good for parents who look after kids all day since they can’t attend a class. It’s easier for really busy people to fit online learning into their schedules and still continue with a degree in what ever they are pursuing. For disciplined learners, online learning is a great way to go specifically to get moving with a degree.

Any work you turn in is graded based completely on your ability. Since your instructor can’t see you, there is no possibility for even potential discrimination of any kind or other scenarios that can come along with seeing your instructor face-to-face.

Students have equal access to participation in forums about school work. It doesn’t matter so much if you are outgoing or not, everyone is more likely to get a fair chance to express themselves since it is all online.

Distance learning allows you to get an education from anywhere in the world you decide you want to get an education from. Your school could be in the USA while you live in Canada. You’ll get feedback on the class from all walks of life because your online classmates may also live just about anywhere across the globe.

There are obvious drawbacks to distant learning. You don’t have verbal interaction with your instructor or fellow students. For some that is bad, for some it won’t matter much.

If you lack discipline, you’ll have a very difficult time getting through the course or even completing it.

You are in charge of making sure your computer has the software set up to do the distant learning course you’ve chosen. You need to make sure your computer is compatible to any software or program that comes with the course.

You have to wait for responses from your instructor and or fellow online classmates. Time zones could make it impossible to be online at the same time.

You are paying for the internet connection to participate in the class. You are not using free internet at an online campus. This may or may not be a big deal breaker, but it’s something to keep in mind.